My First Victorinox

My first Victorinox 84mm

This is a newer model on My First Victorinox knife. It has red ABS/Celldor translucent scales. There is also variant with translucent blue (0.2363.T2) and translucent pink (0.2363.T5) scales. An older variant has red scales made of polyamide (0.2363).

MFV often come on the paper box with 40cm long metal chain (4.1815) and red (4.1879) or purple (4.1879.503) neck lanyard.

A variant of this knife with a wood saw is called My First Victorinox Plus or in new catalog (2017) My First Victorinox H (0.2373.T/2/5).


  • Large blade w/ round point
  • Can opener
  • Tweezers
  • Toothpick
  • Keyring

Catalog no.: 0.2363.T