Victorinox 108mm

All 108mm models made by the Victorinox company are based around GAK knife (The German Army Knife).  Back in 1976, Victorinox made first 108mm knife. It was made upon the contract with the German army. 108mm knives were produced by Victorinox till 2003.

Not every olive green 108mm Victorinox knife is GAK and not every GAK is Victorinox. When I list models from my collection here on the page, I will give an explanation for each model.

There are no many 108mm models, but they are quite popular among collectors, mostly because they are collected by Victorinox, SAK and generally militaria collectors.

In dropping menu under Swiss Army Knives / Victorinox 108mm you may find 108mm models from my collection. I hope you will enjoy it.