MEBA: Knife – Dagger

Croatian factory MEBA was famous for the production of special measuring tools. During the Homeland War they start production od two types of blades. Here is MEBA Knife-Dagger.

The conceptual design solution was made by Colonel Ivan Pavičić in 1993. Same year production started. In total there was made more than thousand pieces of this throwing knives.

They were made on the initiative of the Directorate of Intelligence Affairs of the Croatian Armed Forces General Staff (ObU GSOSRH).

Sometimes this knife mistakenly named Kuna and again wrongly described as part of Kordun production of knives, but there was no Kuna knife ever produced by Kordun factory.

The prototype of the Knife – Dagger and nylon sheath. The nylon sheath was never produced and the idea was replaced by a leather sheath.

Conceptual design solution made by Colonel Ivan Pavičić