Russian 6h5

Russian 6h5 bayonets made for AK-74 and its variants

6h5 (Russian: 6×5) bayonets were made for Russian AK-74 rifle and its variants. Among other models, it is used on AK-74, AK-74M (AK-100 series) and AH-94.

These bayonets are produced by former IZHMASH (Russian: ИЖМАШ), today Kalashnikov Group (Russian: Концерн Калашникова). Each 6h5 bayonet has IZHMASH logo, the triangle with the arrow.

There are two color versions of this bayonets, black and plum.

Here on the photo, you may see black and two variants of plum bayonets.

IZHMASH logo on 6h5 bayonets. Tula Arms Plant did not produce 6h5 bayonets.

Color variants, black and plum.