Russian 6h4

Russian 6h4 bayonets made for AKM and AK-74 rifles and their variants

Same as earlier model 6h3, the 6h4 (Russian: 6×4) bayonets were made by two Soviet companies. The IZHMASH (Russian: ИЖМАШ) from town Izhevsk, today Kalashnikov Group (Russian: Концерн Калашникова ) and Tula Arms Plant (Russian: Тульский оружейный завод) from Tula town. 6h4 bayonets were made for AKM (Russian: Автома́т Кала́шникова модернизи́рованный) and AK-74 (Russian: Автомат Калашникова образца 1974 года) rifles and their variants.

There is “endless” list of all minor differences between 6h4 bayonets. For example, I saw at least fifty different variants of IZHMASH logo in their bayonets. Some have a logo on a handle, some on crossguard, some have “11” mark, some don’t, there are few different fonts and techniques for writing serial numbers, some doesn’t have the serial number at all…

These are definitely my favorite AK and related bayonets. What I like the most about them is a different color of bakelite on each bayonet. there are no two same.

They remind me of eggs painted with onion on Easter 🙂 Look at these colors of two 6h4 and one 6h3 bayonet on the photo.

Here are few 6h4 bayonets made by IZHMASH. Check out how each bayonet is different.

Same is with 6h4 bayonets produced by Tula Arms Plant.

Here are four variants of Lithuanian belt hangers (frogs), made for usage with Russian 6h4 bayonets.

Russian 6h4 bayonet and scabbard.

Different logos and positions where you may find them on 6h4 bayonets.

Different serial numbers and positions where you may find them on 6h4 bayonets.

Other marks on 6h4 bayonets.