Russian 6h3

Russian 6h3 bayonets for AKM and related rifles

Russian 6h3 (Russian: 6×3) bayonets were made for AKM (Russian: Автома́т Кала́шникова модернизи́рованный) and related rifles. They have been produced by two Soviet factories. IZHMASH (Russian: ИЖМАШ) from town Izhevsk, today Kalashnikov Group (Russian: Концерн Калашникова ) and Tula Arms Plant (Russian: Тульский оружейный завод) from Tula town. These bayonets can have different marks, but the easiest way to determine was bayonet made in IZHMASH or Tula Arms Plant is the logo. Each bayonet made in any of these two factories has factory logo.

IZHMASK logo is a triangle with arrow in it and Tula Arms Plant logo is a five-pointed star.

Few Russian 6h3 bayonets from my collection. You may see how the color of handles varies, but both, made by IZHMASH and Tula Arms Plant models looks almost the same.

There are few different types of buttons on bayonets handles.

There are also different variants of screw covers.

The easiest way to find was bayonet made by IZHMASH or Tula Arms Plant is to find a logo.