Russian 6h2

Russian 6h2 bayonets

Russian 6h2 (Russian: 6×2) bayonets were the first type of bayonet officially produced or AK-47 rifle. They have been produced in town Izhevsk (Russian: Иже́вск) by IZHMASH (Russian: ИЖМАШ), today Kalashnikov Group (Russian: Концерн Калашникова ).

As they were produced in large quantities for years, there is a large number of different variants of 6h2 bayonets.

Here in the first photo, you may see few variants of unopened 6h2 bayonets. They are still warped in original factory paper and never opened.

Five different variants of 6h2 bayonets.

Different variants of Russian belt hangers (frogs) for 6h2 bayonets. As I mentioned in Bayonets page, there are much more variants, I just chouse these few to show them on my page.

Triangle with an arrow, IZMASH logo that you may find stamped on every 6h2 bayonet made by IZHMASH logo. If bayonet does not have the triangle with an arrow it is probably not made by IZMASH or someone removed it.

Different variants of stamping a serial number on bayonets.