Chinese Type 56 II export model

Chinese Type 56 II export model bayonet

These bayonets were based on Russian 6h4 bayonets by design, but wire-cutter tool and saw were removed. This type of bayonet was used only for export and there is no any proof that Chinese army ever used it. Domestic models of rifle still used spike bayonets.

Chinese Type 56 II export model s bayonets were made by Chinese factories Poly Technologies – Polytech (Chinese: 保利科技有限公司) and China Ordnance Industries Group Corporation Limited – NORINCO (Chinese: 中国兵器工业集团有限公司).

There are few different variants of this bayonet. Here are some of them.

Difference between dark green and black model.

Few variants of serial numbers that can be found on these bayonets.

Model with brass pin

Almost every bayonet has different pommel.

These bayonets did not have regular belt hangers (frogs), but metal buckle.