AK and Related Bayonets

On these pages, you can find the collection of AK and related bayonets. I will publish only bayonets from my collection. As I put different variants of the same bayonet it does not mean that there are no other variants, it just means that I chose few to show them on this page.  Bayonets are sorted by countries. Non-AK or non-related to AK bayonets will be published in Legendary Blades and Homeland War Blades sections. If I publish some non-AK or non-related to AK bayonets in Bayonets section they will be grouped by general name, not by country.

Sorry for the poor photos, but these photos on Bayonet pages are from my archive and were not made for publishing on web site. It was the compromise between publishing photos now or waiting a long time to take new photos.

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Russian 6h2 – the AK-47 bayonets                  

Russian 6h3 – the AKM bayonets                      

Russian 6h4 – the AKM/AK-74 bayonets    

Russian 6h5 bayonets                                               

Russian transitional bayonets                              

Bulgarian AKK                                                                 

Bulgarian AKKM                                                            

Bulgarian AK-74M1                                                     

Chinese Type 56 export model bayonet        

Chinese Type 56 II export model bayonet    

Czech vz.58                                                                       

East German KM-87                                                    

East German M1974                                                    

East German M1959-2                                              

East German M1959                                                   

East German M1947                                                    

Egyptian Misr bayonet                                               

Finnish Valmet RK 62 bayonet                              

Hungarian AKM-63                                                      

Indian INSAS Standard Rifle Bayonet              

North Korean Type 68                                               

Polish PmK                                                                         

Polish Kbk AKM                                                              

Polish Kbk wz. 1988                                                    

Romanian PM md. 63                                                 

Vietnamese AKM