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*23 March 2018*

Victorinox 91mm Standard   

Victorinox 91mm Climber      

*22 March 2018*

Victorinox 84mm Waiter   


*21 March 2018*

Added new model of Victorinox Standard knife. 

*20 March 2018*

Added new Swiss Army Knives for trade. Check Trade page.

*18 March 2018*

Added new items for trade. Check Trade page.

*17 March 2018*

Victorinox Huntsman   

Victorinox Champion   

Victorinox Nomad          

Victorinox Climber        

*16 March 2018*

Victorinox Climber   

*15 March 2018*


Swiss Champ     

*14 March 2018*

Victorinox Midnite Manager   

My First Victorinox                       

*13 March 2018*

Victorinox Bijou               

Victorinox Classic SD  

Victorinox Bijou              


*12 March 2018*

Opinel Carbon No03   

Opinel Inox Eff10          

Opinel Inox No05          

Opinel No06 Green     



*11 March 2018*

There were some changes to Opinel pages so lower links may not work. Please, use upper menu. Thank you!